The City of Edinburgh has some of the most iconic green spaces in Scotland. From its seven hills, to its city parks, Botanic gardens and school grounds, nature is all around. 

But with the pressures of urban living, wildlife can struggle to find a home, and people can feel disconnected from the animals, plants and insects on their doorsteps. 

Giving Nature a Home in Edinburgh aims to tackle these issues. Through working with community groups and gardens, schools and other organisations, we’ll be looking at ways in which the city’s greenspaces can become even better for wildlife, with citizen science surveys, and on the ground conservation action. 
Although we’re just getting started, future plans will involve events, and volunteering sessions, as well as work with our ‘ambassador species’ for Edinburgh: priority wildlife that needs a helping hand. 
If you’d like to find out more about the project, take a look at our blog and events pages, or get in touch on the email address below. 
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