Odd Ones Out (Just For Fun)


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Odd Ones Out (Just For Fun)

  • An easy one this time. :-)

  • are you joking Paul ????      LOL !     might take me a few weeks to come back with a guess !

  • HAZY
    are you joking Paul ????

    Nope. Sticks out like a Limpet on a rock.!! :-)

  • I see it  !!!     and its not in flight ;)

  • HAZY
    I see it  !!!

    Very well done, we'll make a bird watcher out of you yet.!! :-)

  • still working on the exact ID - assuming I'm looking at the right odd one out and don't want to give more away and spoil it for others who may be working on it  !  

  • Wot you trying to do, give me a heart attack!!!!   Now will have to switch on the PC so I can enlarge the photo, not that I will have any idea but at least it will show willing:-)

  • Taken me til now to enlarge the photo on this slow machine, but well worth it as......yea me too can see it, must be the first time for me!!!!  I must say Paul those geese look wonderful on full screen.

  • Well done to both of you. Did you manage to get the two different odd ones out? (not including the Sheep).!!  :-)

  • Ohh,  I only looked for one which looked like a raptor perched up.  I'll have to go hunting again lol

  • Easy :)

  • I see something else 1 o'clock of the raptor and close to it -  if that's it which doesn't look like a pink-foot !   ....  unless I should be looking for a rabbit or vole in the field lol    

    @ Jim,  you found both odd ones out ?  

  • Paul A

    Did you manage to get the two different odd ones out? (not including the Sheep).!!  :-)

    Sadly I have just seen this post :(

  • Well done on the Raptor (a Common Buzzard which I seen through the scope before the Geese got up) and the other one really does stand out like a Limpet on a rock. ;-)

    Will reveal the culprits soon....(assuming that there are only two).!!

  • Hello all. New to this but in reply to Paul “nobody likes hangers on”! (I think)!