Odd Ones Out (Just For Fun)


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Odd Ones Out (Just For Fun)

  • Well done to the keen eyed among you. The two (that I know of) odd ones out were a Common Buzzard on the fence and a Barnacle Goose on the ground, both to the lower left of the photo. I had spotted the birds in the scope just before the Pink-footed Geese took off so I was very lucky to capture both of them in the photo. There were actually two Barnacle Geese but I can't find the other one in the photo.!! Once again, well done for giving it a go, after all, it's just for fun. :-)

  • Well I found the Buzzard but not the Barnacle Goose, well done Paul for a terrific photo of all those birds in flight, think I might have been found taking cover with all that action:-)

  • F

    Here’s the other one.. Hope the pic shows as first attempt!

  • Nice find Michael.

  • You really are having a laugh here!! Mmmm!!!

  • Well spotted, Michael. I knew that there were at least two there before they took off. :-)

  • Oh well, better late than never & spotted the goose on the ground, so half right! Thanks for keeping me amused Paul! LOL