some sketches of birds done from hides


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some sketches of birds done from hides

  • These tiny (A6) sketches were done in empty/almost empty hides (I put away my paints if space needed).

    Watercolour, artist pen and binoculars!   Both at RSPB Mersehead.  Female Mallard and some Canada Geese.

  • Very nice, Maggy.

  • Lovely watercolours

  • I agree very nice Maggy

  • Thank you Paul, Mike and Alan.

  • I do envy your skill, Maggy.

    Allegedly I can paint, but I can't draw.

    A few scribbles, and you have captured the form of the birds wonderfully.

  • Maggy

    Thank you Paul, Mike and Alan.

    You're welcome

  • Thank you Angus - your paintings are very good.  My bird sketches seem to be getting better with practice (funnily enough!) but I do have some dreadful ones!!!

  • I really like your style Maggy,I'm afraid my drawing is rather more basic simply showing enough id points for me to check out the id when I get to a field guide or laptop.This was always the norm in the days before modern cameras. It is great to see someone sitting in a hide drawing,keep up the good work.

  • Thank you Pete :)   Not sure that my paintings would be much use for ID - far too scribbly!    Hope to paint some geese soon.

  • Maggy,there was a bit on drawing on Autumn Watch last night which may interest you,it should be available on I player.