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  • Media: Incoming!

    A male hen harrier takes a dive at the camera - photo by Amy Challis, Bowland 2008
  • Media: Touch the sky

    Pupils have fun making their home-made hen harriers fly high in the schoolyard of Hallbankgate Village School, Cumbria.
  • Media: A winter's snack

    A female hen harrier carries a tasty vole back to her winter roosting spot on the Dee Estuary. (c) Andy Davis, 2012
  • Media: I spy - moorland school visits

    Pupil from West Woodburn First School, Northumberland, takes a break from investigating moorland plants to scout out some birds flying above the moor.
  • Media: I believe I can fly

    Children at West Woodburn First School practice their skydancing, as part of a Skydancer outreach visit.
  • Media: Wintering hen harriers return to the Dee Estuary

    Though they breed in the long heather of our upland moors in the summer, in winter, many hen harriers retreat from the harsh weather of the uplands, favouring instead the milder coastal lowland areas. They group together in the evenings in communal roosts of 2-10 birds, often mixing with marsh harriers...
  • Media: On the wing

    Great shot of a female hen harrier in flight over the upland landscape. Note the characteristic white rump. Hen harriers are often confused with short-eared owls who are a similar size and also nest on the ground in the heather. The owls don't have this white patch so this is a quick and easy way...
  • Media: Skydancer stall at Newcaslte Green Festival

    Family fun and games at the Green Festival 2013! Keep an eye out for the Skydancer roadshow at future events around the region...
  • Media: West Cumbria Game Fair 2012

    Skydancer stall at the West Cumbria Game Fair 2012, Armthwaite Hall, Keswick.
  • Media: Words of a feather

    Feathers decorated with words describing hen harriers, created by pupils at Hallbankgate Village School, Cumbria.
  • Media: Wintering hen harrier on the wing

    While some birds have very clear winter migration patterns (eg ospreys go to West Africa), hen harriers clearly prefer to be non-conformist! On the whole, many hen harriers migrate from upland to lowland areas in the winter to escape the harsh weather, but in a mild winter, they may be just as likely...
  • Media: Communal Roost

    In winter evenings, hen harriers group together in communal roosts of anywhere between 2 and 10 birds, sometimes bedding down with other birds of prey, particularly marsh harriers. (c) Andy Davis, 2012
  • Media: The magic of moss

    Pupil from West Woodburn First School displays an example of the peat-building sphagnum moss, on a moorland visit. Pupils learned all about how important sphagnum is to the moorland ecosystem and how it's so good at soaking up water that historically, people dried it out and used it as an absorbant...
  • Media: Fluffy and sharp!

    Hen harrier chicks photographed in a nest in Wales, in 2009, by Jude Lane, Bowland Project Officer in a previous job.
  • Media: Soaring high

    Female hen harrier who laid 13 eggs in 2010 and fledged 5 chicks in 2011, Bowland - photographed by Mick Demain
  • Media: Colourful harriers

    Pupils at Hallbankgate Village School colour in their very own hen harriers.
  • Media: It's my first day

    Newly hatched hen harrier chick, Bowland 2005. Hen harrier chicks will hatch one after the other in the order in which they were laid, rather than all at once. This means that the eldest chick can be up to five or six days older than the youngest and a whole lot bigger! As the first to hatch, this little...
  • Media: Moorland mini-beast hunt

    Boys from Honrby St Margaret's CE Primary School get close up and personal with some of Bowland's moorland mini-beasts on a Skydancing Schools moorland visit, July 2012.
  • Media: What's hiding in the heather?

    Moorland is a wonderfully diverse and complex habitat, made up of so much more than just heather. Pupils from Hornby St Margaret's CE Primary School, Bowland, had the chance to really get to grips with this on a Skydancer moorland visit and explore the variety of plants and mosses hiding between...
  • Media: Skydancer workshop at St Joseph's Middle School, Hexham

    Students at St Joseph's Middle School, Hexham, get into character to debate the issues of hen harriers and grouse shooting in their local area.
  • Media: Lively Skydancer debate at St Joseph's

    Students at St Joseph's Middle School, Hexham, get into character to debate the issues of hen harriers and grouse shooting in their local area.
  • Media: Beautiful view over North Tynedale

    View from The Gun Inn, North Tynedale, on our volunteer training evening for the hen harrier nest protection project.
  • Media: Colourful flapping hen harriers

    Children and families made over 140 of these over the two days at Newcastle Green Festival! Download a template to make your own flapping hen harrier from
  • Media: Deep in the heather

    Female hen harrier near her nest - photo by James Leonard
  • Media: Voicing opinions in Skydancer debate

    Students at St Joseph's Middle School, Hexham, get into character to debate the issues of hen harriers and grouse shooting in their local area.