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June 2019

Sunday, 30 June 2019

Monthly Update of our groups walks yearly list (2019)

Monthly Update of our groups walks yearly list (2019)

Watch out at the end of each month for the update of our yearly list of birds seen on our walks. The list is slowly increasing as migrants arrive. We have added another 14 birds in June with the best being Hobby, Tree Pipit, Common Redstart and Corn Bunting.

1 Avocet
2 Bewicks Swan
3 Black Redstart
4 Black tailed Godwit
5 Blackbird
6 Blackcap
7 Black-headed Gull
8 Blue Tit
9 Brent Goose
10 Buzzard
11 Canada Goose
12 Carrion Crow
13 Cettis Warbler
14 Chaffinch
15 Chiffchaff
16 Coal Tit
17 Collared Dove
18 Common Gull
19 Common Redstart
20 Common Scoter
21 Common Whitethroat
22 Coot
23 Cormorant
24 Corn Bunting
25 Cuckoo
26 Curlew
27 Dartford Warbler
28 Dunlin
29 Dunnock
30 Eider
31 Fieldfare
32 Gadwall
33 Gannet
34 Garden Warbler
35 Goldfinch
36 Great Black Backed Gull
37 Great Crested Grebe
38 Great Northern Diver
39 Great Spotted Woodpecker
40 Great Tit
41 Green Finch
42 Green Sandpiper
43 Green Woodpecker
44 Grey Heron
45 Grey Partridge
46 Grey Plover
47 Grey Wagtail
48 Greylag Goose
49 Hawfinch
50 Herring Gull
51 Hobby
52 House Martin
53 House Sparrow
54 Jackdaw
55 Jay
56 Kestrel
57 Lapwing
58 Lesser Whitethroat
59 Linnet
60 Little Egret
61 Little Grebe
62 Little-ringed Plover
63 Magpie
64 Mallard
65 Mandarin Duck
66 Marsh Harrier
67 Mediterranean Gull
68 Mistle Thrush
69 Moorhen
70 Mute Swan
71 Nightingale
72 Northern Wheatear
73 Nuthatch
74 Oystercatcher
75 Peregrine Falcon
76 Pheasant
77 Pied Wagtail
78 Pintail
79 Pochard
80 Raven
81 Razorbill
82 Red Crossbill
83 Red Kite
84 Red Legged Partridge
85 Red Throated Diver
86 Red-breasted Merganser
87 Redshank
88 Redwing
89 Reed Bunting
90 Reed Warbler
91 Ringed Plover
92 Ring-necked Parakeet
93 Robin
94 Rook
95 Ruff
96 Sand Martin
97 Sandwich Tern
98 Sedge Warbler
99 Shelduck
100 Short-eared Owl
101 Shoveler
102 Siberian Chiffchaff
103 Skylark
104 Slavonian Grebe
105 Snipe
106 Song Thrush
107 Sparrow Hawk
108 Spotted Flycatcher
109 Starling
110 Stock Dove
111 Stonechat
112 Swallow
113 Teal
114 Tree Creeper
115 Tree Pipit
116 Turnstone
117 Turtle Dove
118 Velvet Scoter
119 Whimbrel
120 White Stork
121 Wigeon
122 Willow Warbler
122 Wood Pigeon
123 Wood Warbler
123 Wren
124 Yellow Hammer

That's the up to date list at the end of June for 2019.

Monday, 10 June 2019

Rescheduled evening Walk at Duncton Common and Lavington Plantation - Leader Rob Yarham

Rescheduled evening Walk at Duncton Common and Lavington Plantation - Leader Rob Yarham

Due to the fact that our intrepid leader of a walk to primarily spot Nightjars was poorly attended due to inclement weather a new one may be scheduled if there is sufficient interest.

Rob has kindly offered to donate more of his valuable time to lead another walk in the attempt to see or hear Nightjars. Keep an eye out in forthcoming news or look out for a rescheduled walk in the events page. Please see the recent report on the events of Friday 7th June.

Thursday, 6 June 2019

Chichester and District Local RSPB Leader

At the recent AGM in May our Leader, Chris Furlepa, unfortunately had to resign the post of Chichester Local Group Leader. Firstly I am sure you would all thank him for the work he undertook as our leader and secondly we are not exactly losing him as he is taking over the roll of Walk's leader as Chris Vine has resigned from that roll as of the last walk's meeting. Again I am sure you would all wish Chris Vine all the best as he stands down. Chris Vine held the roll of Walk's Leader for a number of years and did a wonderful job. He might not be Walk's Leader but rest assured he will still lead walks and impart his font of knowledge as will Chris Furlepa.

Now to the important part. Chichester Local RSPB Group are actively looking for someone to take on the vital role of Group Leader. If you are interested in this role then please can you contact our group via or Hugo Blomfield the South-east area RSPB Local Volunteer's Representative on

We look forward to hearing from any likely candidates.