Saturday, 11 September 2021

RSPB Pagham Harbour Breeding Seabirds Success
Little tern on nest with chicks Kevin Simmonds (

RSPB Pagham Harbour Breeding Seabirds Success

It's heartening to be able to report some good news! It is now official that 2021 has been the best breeding season for Pagham Harbour's seabirds on record, with the highest numbers of fledged sandwich tern, black-headed gull, Mediterranean gull and little tern chicks.

The RSPB's Ivan Lang reports that the final breeding tallies are as follows:

- Little Tern: 46 pairs (highest since 1982) with 25 fledged (most ever fledged from Pagham on record)
- Sandwich Tern: 243 pairs (highest on record) with 253 fledged (highest on record)
- Common Tern: 7 pairs with 4 fledged
- Black headed Gull: 921 pairs (highest on record) with 2028 fledged (highest on record)
- Mediterranean Gull: 20 pairs (highest on record) with 32 fledged (highest on record)