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October 2010

Monday, 11 October 2010


Nothing lasts for ever, and although we might have hoped that Garth would continue as Group Leader indefinitely, he has decided that it is time to step down. After 18 years at the helm who can blame him...
But we aren't losing him from the committee as he will remain as Deputy Group Leader and we shall still have the benefit of his extensive knowledge as a naturalist. We are grateful to him for the huge committment he has given to the Group over the years, and I look forward with some trepidation to taking over from him. Although I haven't got his breadth of knowledge, I hope I have other skills to bring to the post.

Another change to the committee has been the standing down of Mike Sheridan who, for a number of years, was responsible for ensuring that our walks and indoor meetings are publicised in the local press. His role has been taken on by Roger Hales who we are sure will be a worthy successor. Sue Smith, another long standing member of the committee, has also stepped down but is continuing in her role as the organiser of bird food sales at our indoor meetings. We are grateful to her for her past, and continuing service. Craig Wright, who is responsible for a lot of the technical work that goes into producing the Newsletter, has recently been co-opted and will, I am sure, bring new energy and ideas to the committee.

Frances Evans