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October 2011

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


The evening, held at the Portobello Pub was a most enjoyable event. The aim was not to raise funds, but simply to socialise and have fun - and have fun we did.
The Markham clan had clearly played before, so they showed us the ropes and kept us in order. Some of us got some decent scores and even the occasional strike, but most of us managed to bowl clear through all nine skittles at least once without hitting one. Embarrassing when it was you, entertaining when it wasn't! It was a close-fought match until, after refuelling at the buffet table, Roger Hales's team romped away with it in the last round
Next followed two games of 'killer' played by individuals rather than teams. Lyndon, who professed to be a novice, beat all of us in both games , including the expert Markhams. Invitations to play for local teams should be sent to his home address! With time to chat to old friends and new, the evening proved a most enjoyable success and one I hope will be repeated.

Janet Jones