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May 2015

Wednesday, 20 May 2015


This will be my last Annual Report as, after five years as Group Leader and twenty-five years as an active volunteer, I am standing down. I will not be giving up entirely as I shall still be managing the Group's website.

It has been a very full five years during which we have lost a few good friends and gained a few new ones. I would like to think that I leave the Group in good heart, but I know there are challenges ahead. As you know a group is only as good as the people who run it and currently, we have a committed and active committee, all of whom play a vital role in running the Group and do more than their fair share of the work. We shall need others to come forward to fill the vacancies left by myself, Margaret Jupe and Lyndon, and to take some of the burden off other committee members. As mentioned in the previous Newsletter, the Group cannot function without a leader and someone to organise the speakers for the indoor meetings.

I wouldlike to thank the Committee for their work and support over the last few years and to recognise the contribution made by other members who help to keep the Group running. Thank you all; the next twelve months will be crucial in determining its future.

We have had a full year of activities, despite losing prominent members of the committee, and plans for the 2015/16 are well advanced. A new departure for us is the use of a travel agent to arrange the Portland trip - or at least, the coaching and accommodation part of it. If it proves sucessful, it may be the future for group trips when Lyndon eventually hangs up his driving gloves. Meanwhile, the minibus trips will continue, with one or two coach trips included in the schedule if the demand is there.

We have had no specific requests from the RSPB for volunteers to help with activities in the area this year. Much of it now seems to involve their staff and/or Patrick and Margaret. Requests from other organisations for speakers or attendance at fetes and fairs etc, have been undertaken by Garth who has done several talks and a Dawn Chorus walk for the National Trust, and by Patrick who has represented the RSPB at several functions. I feel quitesure there would be more scope for volunteering if we had a reserve in Worcestershire where we could focus our activities. Perhaps in the future ...

I have enjoyed my time as Group Leader, but look forward now to taking a back seat - after Christmas at least, and letting others take up the baton.

Frances Evans