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September 2015

Saturday, 26 September 2015


At the AGM in May I reported that I would be standing down as Group Leader along with our Indoor Meetings Organiser. An appeal for my replacement has, sadly, fallen on deaf ears and after December when I stand down, we shall be leaderless unless someone comes forward. The committee will doubtless try to hold the fort, but this is not a long term solution and it is unfair to expect them to take on more work on top of what they already do.

On a happier note, Ann Ball has agreed to take over from Margaret Jupe in organsing the speakers, so that's one less thing to worry about. Thank you Ann, and thank you Margaret for your years of service.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Staff Matthew Tickner surveying birds at Bann Estuary, Northern Ireland


Group members have just come back from a four day trip to Languard Point which is adjacent to Felixsxtowe Docks. We had hoped to see migrants (of the feathered kind) blown in by the wind, but the weather was too kind. However, we did have close views of blackcaps and goldcrests being ringed at the observatory.

As well as feathered friends, we were also joined by two of the human kind - Phil Box who lives in Cornwall and Pam Scroop, our previous treasurer, who hales from Salisbury. Both have remained group members despite moving away and occasionally join us on our trips. It was good to see them both.