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May 2019

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Turtle dove


Nine of our members have been taking part in a Willow Tit Survey in Worcestershire assessing habitat suitable for them (young, damp woodlands) and recording numbers seen and heard. Two tetrads in Great Witley and Ombersley revealed a total of three tits (hopefully three pairs) representing a huge historical decline.

Another species clinging on is the corn bunting, and during December - April 28 volunteers from the Group have been involved in a project in the Evesham area to provide food to cover this hunger gap. All the vols reported seeing the buntings which averaged at 17 per visit. Local ringers, including our own Garth Lowe have been introduced to the site and ringing started at the end of March. It is hoped to use colour rings next year, subject to BTO agreement, giving us valuable information to further conservation.

Finally, Group Members have made nest boxes for pied flycatchers, and regularly maintained the bird feeders at Worcester Breast Unit. We would like to do more, such as get involved in curlew conservation and help feed turtle doves, if any remain. Well done to all those volunteers who have given their time and effort to these projects.

Frances Evans