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May 2020

Saturday, 23 May 2020

Puffin with sandeels in beak


In 2017 the citizen science Project Puffin was launched and members of the public were asked to take photos of puffins carrying fish and to submit them online. The response was terrific and scientists have been able to plot the first national maps of the fish species and sizes that puffins are finding to feed their chicks in different colonies across the country. The results showed up some key problem areas.

The RSPB are collecting photos again and are asking group members to send them ANY photos of UK puffins carrying food. The year is not important just so long as you know which year it was taken and where. The idea of it is to set up an historic data set to pinpoint precise changes in what puffins feed their chicks. There is even a way to submit pre- digital photos. This is a chance for our group's photos to really be used for conservation.

Visit Puffin to submit photos or to learn more.