After nearly two years the RSPB's Letter to the Future campaign has reached its climax.

Hand in at number 10

On 9 March we presented the Prime Minister with the signatures of all who gave their support, and in June we will make similar presentations to the leaders of the new governments in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. If you are one of the over 360,000 people across the UK who signed the letter, thank you very much for your support.

Poster at Westminster

These last two years have been truly eventful. There has been a UK General Election, national elections in Northern Ireland Scotland and Wales, and a comprehensive spending review - the outcomes of which continue to affect all of us as well as the natural environment that we care so much about.

Letter to the Future has helped us respond to all these challenges and more. Whilst we were unable to secure a peat levy to raise funds for wildlife in this year's budget, our campaigning around the spending review secured more money for environmentally friendly farming and ensured that there will still be funding to help tackle the challenges of a changing climate.

But we know we have to do more. 2010, ironically the international year of biodiversity, was the year we failed to meet the target to halt its loss and, despite our successes, funding for nature has still been cut dramatically.

Thank you to everyone who signed our Letter to the Future

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I'm writing this now to make sure our children have a chance of growing up in a world worth living in.

Today there's still time to save nature.

If we act now, our children may yet be able to share their world with sparrows and polar bears, eagles and tigers. There's still a chance that they'll inherit a world where the engines of life - the air, seas, rivers and forests - are healthy. Where bluebell woods and rainforests won't be lost forever.

Yes, I accept that recovery from recession has meant spending billions of pounds - one way or another future generations will have to pay for this. The least we can do is to use this money to create a future they'll thank us for. I want governments to invest in a healthy economy and a healthy environment. As well as protecting jobs, I want them to tackle climate change and to protect our seas, countryside and wildlife.

I'm signing this letter to show that I care deeply about nature and the world we are creating for our children. In years to come I hope they'll be able to see that their world is a richer one because of the action we took today.

I'm hoping that many thousands of people will join me in signing it.

Together we can be a powerful voice for nature.

Yours in hope.

The final total is




There is now a new target to halt and reverse the loss of biodiversity by 2020 and we cannot afford to fail again. We will carry the support and momentum that has already achieved so much into a new phase of activity where we will call on everyone to step up for nature - to work together to achieve the future rich in wildlife that will benefit us all.

Stepping Up for Nature is the RSPB's new campaign to ensure that the UK Government and the devolved governments in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales do all they can to meet the 2020 biodiversity target. We will set out a 'roadmap' to 2020 outlining the key opportunities for action and we will challenge politicians to step up and make the right decisions for nature. As the 2020 target is a global one we will also continue take action internationally - as we currently are in Sumatra.

We will encourage our supporters, members of the public and businesses to step up for nature by volunteering, campaigning or taking any of the other myriad opportunities that can help create a world richer in wildlife tomorrow than it is today.

Find out more about how you can step up today!