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Meet the puffineers

An intrepid bunch of people are spending the summer studying puffins as part of project puffin.

Get to know who they are and their role in the project.

Ellie Owen

I'm Dr Ellie Owen, Conservation Scientist at the RSPB Centre for Conservation Science and manager of Project Puffin.

I am an experienced seabird researcher and provide training to staff in seabird catching, handling, ringing and tagging. I manage the RSPB's extensive UK seabird tracking database and specialise in the spatial analysis of seabird distributions from tracking data, understanding seabird diet and censusing seabird populations. Puffarazzi is one of the most exciting projects I have been involved with because we work so closely with the general public and because we have the chance to really understand why some puffins seem able to find enough food to raise their chicks and others don’t.

Chris Cachia-Zammit

I'm Chris Cachia-Zammit, I was a Project Puffin intern in 2017 specialising in testing, analysing and developing smaller GPS tags for puffins.

I am a birder and wildlife photographer from Malta. I have volunteered in a number of seabird projects with Birdlife Malta, working with Scopoli's and yelkouan Shearwaters and Mediterranean storm petrels. I am currently a Seasonal Assistant Ranger on Farne Islands covering the seabird season. I joined 'Project Puffin', to improve my skills and get to know more about puffins. This also gives me the opportunity to help a declining species using my photography and computing skills.

Alice Edney

I'm Alice, a third year Zoology student at the University of Cambridge and trainee bird ringer.

My love of seabirds first began on a family boat trip around Puffin Island in Wales. My role in project puffin is to analyse photographs of puffins to work out what fish they feed their chicks. I’ll also be communicating the results through social media. I’m looking forward to seeing any very old pictures of puffins carrying fish that the public are able to send to us

Eliška Kosová

I'm Eliška, a third year Zoology student at the University of Glasgow.

I have volunteered for the RSPB helping with workshops for children about urban wildlife as well as for other wildlife conservation organisations in Croatia and at home, in the Czech Republic. For Project Puffin I am looking forward to identifying the fish in thousands of your photos of puffins

Frith Dunkley

I’m Frith Dunkley, a masters student at the University of York studying Marine Environmental Management.

I am interested in understanding the interaction between seabirds and human activities with a particular focus on climate change and fisheries. I joined the Puffarazzi team to learn more about puffin foraging behaviour and gain an insight into how this may have changed over time.

Katie Ford

I’m Katie and I’m excited to be a new member of the Project Puffin team!

I have always had a keen interest in nature and spend my free time birdwatching and bird ringing. My role is to spread the work that we are looking for photos – even old ones- of puffins carrying fish and to analyse your pictures to get maximum conservation impact for puffins.

Rob Hughes

I’m Rob Hughes, RSPB Conservation Scientist currently coordinating the RSPB’s participation in the current national seabird census.

My seabird experience includes GPS tracking, ringing and monitoring at various locations in Scotland since 2007 including puffins in 2016 and 2017. I’m excited to see how much we can learn about how puffin feeding has changed from photographs people may have stored away for years..

Fritha West

I'm Fritha West, I started as a Project Puffin intern in 2017 focusing on the tracking and monitoring of puffins.

Since then I have continued to volunteer for the project because it’s so fantastic! I am currently working as an ecologist and managing a woodland based community interest company in the South Downs. I hope to continue my studies in behavioural ecology and population dynamics in the next few years. I’m really excited to see if the photos sent in can tell us how puffin diet has changed over the last few decades and how that relates to climate change.

Georgia Longmoor

I’m Georgia, I was the science communication intern for Project Puffin in 2017.

. I organised a puffin workshop for local school children in Shetland and wrote articles and made videos and blogs. I'm really looking forward to being a part of Puffarazzi again and can't wait to see the puffin photos that are sent in. I’ve also been a PhD researcher at the University of Edinburgh for the last 4 years, studying the links between early life environments and avian welfare. I really want to make a difference to the lives of animals in any way that I can!

Oliver Prince

I'm Oliver Prince, Project Puffin intern coordinating the citizen science aspect of Project Puffin, which involves collating and analysing photographs of puffins carrying food taken by the public, to assess food availability. I'm also undertaking the puffin census. My interest in seabirds stems from time spent working with albatrosses on South Georgia.

Siân Haddon

I was an intern on Project Puffin in 2017 and my main role was putting together an ID guide and collating the fish ID results together into a master spreadsheet. I’ve been improving the guide ever since (#onceapuffineeralwaysapuffineer!) and I’m excited to be getting more phots from the public this year. Outside project puffin, I currently work for Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) in North Scotland.

Sophie Elliott

I'm Sophie, in 2017 I was the Project Puffin intern investigating the effects of tagging on puffin behaviour and feeding capabilities and I’m happy to be back on the team again for more puffarazzi this year. In the past I have spent six months working with tropicbirds, shearwaters and petrels in Mauritius.

Antaia Christou

I'm Antaia Christou and I will be analysing puffin photographs to extract information such as food type and quantity, while also sharing our findings about these birds. I’m currently working in Cyprus, focusing on marine conservation and research and I am involved with various conservation initiatives in the Mediterranean focusing on wildlife crime and rehabilitation of wild birds.