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Step up for Nature

Last modified: 07 March 2011

Fundraisers with collection tins

Image: Andy Hay

It’s no secret, nature is in trouble. From the decline in some of our best loved birds and wildlife, as well as the destruction of fragile habitats, it seems that wherever we turn the environment is having a hard time. But, all is not lost – you can do something about it. By giving a couple of hours of your time to Europe’s largest conservation charity, you can be part of the largest conservation effort in the UK to raise funds for wildlife.   

The RSPB is holding Love Nature Week from 28 May – 5 June this year and it is looking for as many volunteers to help out. 

“We will be holding a day-long collection in Belfast City Centre and are looking for volunteers to help shake and rattle as many tins as we can get our hands on,” said Cara Gibney, Volunteer Development Officer. 

“It will be part of the wider Love Nature Week, where across the UK people will be doing everything they can to make a big noise about how something needs to be done for the environment and the wildlife in it, or we will have very little to pass on to the next generation,” she added. 

“With the money collected, the RSPB carries out a mind-boggling array of activities, from education in schools to advocacy in Stormont. We also are on the ground working with farmers for farmland birds, and in places as far away as Indonesia restoring rainforests. When you volunteer with the RSPB you are acting local and thinking global – literally.” 

Volunteering is also shown to benefit the individual who does it as well. 

“This is the European Year of the Volunteer,” said Cara. “Volunteering benefits people at all levels – health, well-being and socially too. It is the social glue that society depends on. With over 16,000 volunteers helping out in the RSPB across the UK, we would not be able to be the organisation we are if we did not have that support.”

To step out for nature with the RSPB, call 02890491547 or email

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