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World Sparrow Day

Last modified: 11 March 2013

Male house sparrow on guttering

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Image: Steve Round

Conservationists in India and London have joined forces to support sparrows.

This little brown, grey and black bird is sufferring from a near global decline and needs human help to prosper once again.

World Sparrow Day on 20th March is everyone’s chance to rise to the challenge of saving them. Known colloquially as the Cockney sparrow, the house sparrow was once the UK Capital's  most common bird, but it has seen a dramatic drop in numbers with more than two thirds of the species vanishing. Londoners are being urged to join the global day of action.

Although there are twenty-six distinct species of sparrow, it's the European house sparrow that colonised the world as global trade spread. They’re now found on almost every continent.

This year, for World Sparrow Day, people are being urged to help highlight the plight of the house sparrow. More importantly, we want you to share details via a dedicated website, adding photos, stories and ideas to inspire others and show the breadth of effort underway to help sparrows survive.

Simple actions to consider include talking about sparrows on social media websites, writing to newspapers, creating habitats for sparrows, staging a sparrow picnic celebrating the birds or providing sparrows with nest boxes and feeding stations. Be part of the global movement to support sparrows; help us promote the World Sparrow Day: and share your #sparrow stories on our Twitter feed @rspblondon.

How you can help

Nature is in trouble – so millions of people are stepping up to help. Our wildlife has been disappearing at an alarming rate. But small steps make a big difference. If we all act together and get stuck in, we can save our wildlife.

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