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School Shortlisted for Nature Award

Last modified: 25 July 2013

Bean goose, Estonia

Image: Aivar Veide

Slamannan Primary School has been recognised nationally for their environmental projects and are finalists in the RSPB’s Nature of Scotland Awards.

Pupils at Slamannan primary school have been shortlisted for their exciting ‘Where have you Bean Goose’ project which follows the twists and turns of the bean goose migration from the Slamannan Plateau to breeding grounds in Sweden.

The school has been shortlisted in the Youth and Education category.


Councillor Alan Nimmo, Spokesperson for Education said: “This is a wonderful achievement to be recognised at a national level alongside projects from across Scotland.


“This school has shown great commitment and determination to understand, appreciate and protect the fantastic biodiversity on their doorsteps and have carried out their project with remarkable enthusiasm.”


Pupils at Slamannan primary have worked with the RSPB and other organisations from the Bean Goose Action Group for several years. They have learned about netting geese for tagging, GPS tracking, migration and international bird populations as well as making artwork, puppets and a short film about the geese. Through the tagging programme they have discovered where the bean geese go to breed and now hope to make links with local schools in Sweden.


The RSPB’s Nature of Scotland Awards recognises national projects and local heroes, working hard to protect and enhance the nation’s natural heritage.


The winning projects will be announced at the Sheraton Grand Hotel, Edinburgh on 30th October 2013.

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