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New wildlife garden opens featuring tiny animal habitats made from LEGO®

Last modified: 13 May 2014

LEGO Hedgehog

Image: Michael Buck

A new wildlife garden featuring unique habitats made from hundreds of LEGO® bricks opened at the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort today to mark the first anniversary of the RSPB's Giving Nature a Home campaign. 

Some “early bird” nature lovers helped open the garden this morning - beginning the watch for the real wildlife in six unique LEGO habitats – including a frog house, a series of hedgehog houses (also known as ‘hogitats’) topped with tiny LEGO leaves, a bat box and bird bath – all situated in beautiful landscaped greenery right in the heart of the 150 acre family Resort.  

Building LEGO homes for nature

“We have a wealth of wildlife here at LEGOLAND from wild rabbits to deer – and lots of ducks (who are already extremely interested in the new garden),” commented Hannah Ratcliffe from LEGOLAND’s Wildlife Watch Team. “I’ve never seen a hedgehog though so it would be wonderful if some take up residence in our wildlife garden. We have however seen frogs so it will be interesting to see if they hop into the frog house, conveniently located right on the water, and we are also visited by a variety of birds who we hope will take a dip in the new bird bath (or who we hope will follow the lead of the beautiful name bird who “christened” it this morning).”

It’s not often that the worlds of wildlife and children’s toys collide

LEGOLAND has pledged the habitats for the RSPB's Giving Nature a Home initiative that aims to rally the nation to create homes for wildlife in their gardens and outside spaces. Over the last year almost 300,000 habitats have been pledged and the public can be now inspired by visiting LEGOLAND's nature garden throughout the summer.

Inspiring people to help wildlife

Sarah Houghton, RSPB’s Giving Nature a Home project manager, said: “It’s not often that the worlds of wildlife and children’s toys collide but the RSPB’s partnership with LEGOLAND will raise awareness, in a fun and unique way, of the need to give nature a home. Nature is in trouble and needs help, and we can make a huge difference on our doorsteps.

“Like us, wildlife needs food, water and shelter to survive – in our case it’s bricks and mortar and at LEGOLAND this summer it’ll be LEGO bricks for wildlife! We hope that when people see LEGO versions of houses for frogs, bats, birds and hedgehogs, they’ll be inspired to create the real thing for wildlife when they get home.”

The Giving Nature a Home campaign encourages the creation of wildlife gardens wherever it is possible – from small balconies and patches of grass, to acres of land, everyone can get involved to help provide homes for creatures whose habitats are being destroyed, exploited or polluted.

Guests can visit the special LEGO wildlife garden situated opposite the famous Boating School at the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort from Tuesday, May 13 2014 all through the May holidays and right through to autumn. Find out more at or pledge a habitat at


How you can help

Nature in the UK is in trouble and some of our more familiar garden species are amongst those suffering serious declines. We can all help by giving nature a home where we live.

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