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RSPB Scotland announces special black grouse safaris at Corrimony nature reserve

Last modified: 25 March 2015

Black grouse male on lek

Image: Andy Hay

RSPB Scotland has announced that it will be running two special wildlife safaris at its Corrimony nature reserve near Cannich in Strathglass. The safaris should allow visitors to witness one of Britain’s most dramatic wildlife spectacles – the breeding display of black grouse. The safaris are taking place on Friday 3rd April and Saturday 25th April.  

Safari leader Brad Chappell said, “Every year in spring male black grouse come together on a special site, known as a lek, where they display in order to attract the attention of females. The male birds strut around, flutter into the air, and spread their fan-tails. They often face up to each other and things can get quite exciting. This is all combined with the most extraordinary soundtrack as the grouse produce a strange, very evocative, bubbling call.

“The safaris are run in conjunction with the Famous Grouse and each adult participant will be given a complimentary miniature bottle of Black Grouse whisky. After the safaris we will be visiting the Bog Cotton Cafe in Cannich for a full cooked Scottish breakfast.

“The safaris can be very popular and as we are running just two this year I would urge people to book their place as soon as possible! To book you can ring our Inverness office on: 01463 715000 or drop us an email to"

Mr Chappell added that the RSPB is also planning to show visitors black grouse at a special viewing point near CairnGorm Mountain. He said, “All our black grouse activities at Corrimony and at CairnGorm will be posted on our website. For the latest information please check out:”

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Enjoy Black Grouse whisky and help to save the black grouse.

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