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Fire at Farnham Heath nature reserve

Last modified: 22 April 2015

Juvenile sand lizards - Farnham

Sand lizards, one of the scarce and threatened species affected by the fire.

Image: The RSPB

There has been a fire at the RSPB’s Farnham Heath nature reserve. No one was hurt but some seven hectares of prime heathland we’d been restoring since 2004 has been burned.

An RSPB spokesman says, “We’re shocked and saddened by the fire on RSPB Farnham Heath. The immediate priority is to ensure the flames are out and in no danger of restarting, but our well rehearsed emergency procedures have stood us in good stead. The fire was fierce and fanned by the un-seasonally warm winds. This area is home to scarce and important species such as sand lizards but the impact of the fire on the wildlife is not yet known. We will issue a further statement as soon as we and the fire service know more. The rest of the reserve remains open. We’re immensely grateful to the Fire Service and all those who’ve helped or have expressed their sympathy over this dreadful incident.”

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