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Fulmar chicks delighting locals and tourists

Last modified: 05 August 2016

Fulmar gliding, Little Orme, Conwy

Image: Steve Round

This summer holidays, RSPB Scotland is inviting people to join them to watch the nesting fulmars in St Andrews, with events taking place every Friday up until 12 August.

A small colony of fulmars returns to these cliffs each year to nest and raise a single chick.

Lauren Shannon, Community Engagement Officer for RSPB Scotland said: “You can get great views of the fulmar chicks from the coastal path and watch the adults returning from sea to feed them. The chicks are now a few weeks old and will stay in the nest until they fledge in early September.”

“It’s fascinating to see the fulmars gliding so effortlessly over the cliffs and to watch the bond between the adults and the chicks.”

Fulmar Fridays will take place on the coastal path outside St Andrews Cathedral every Friday from 8 July until 12 August. People can drop by between 11 am and 3 pm to watch the fulmars using telescopes and learn more about these spectacular seabirds.

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