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Last modified: 01 December 2008

Male broad-bodied chaser

Buzzing with excitement...

Image: Andy Hay

Wildlife is the winner at Beckingham Marshes, near Gainsborough, thanks to Bassetlaw District Council.

Exciting RSPB plans to create water-filled ditches and dozens of shallow pools for birds, otters, water voles and insects were given the thumbs-up by the council on Wednesday 26 November.

Digging and scraping should start from 2010, with cattle grazing the area, helping meadow grasses and flowers to thrive and creating a haven for grasshoppers, dragonflies and butterflies.

The land was covered by wheat and oil seed rape until 2005 and since being grassed lapwings, redshank and curlew have started to breed.

Wildlife living among riverside meadows and natural marshes in Nottinghamshire and the Trent Valley will benefit.

James Baker, RSPB Beckingham Project Manager said: ‘The community has given nature a voice and we are delighted that the Council has shown its full support for improving the landscape for wildlife.’

The land is owned by the Environment Agency and managed by the RSPB and a local farmer.

The project has been funded by the RSPB, the Environment Agency, West Lindsey District Council and the EU through the Strategic Partnership in River Corridors Project.

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