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Plant habitats

Curriculum links 

England and Wales: Living things in the environment: adaptation of hedgerow plants.

Scotland: Interaction of living things with their environment: how plants and animals are affected by environmental conditions.

Northern Ireland: Animals and plants: investigate the conditions necessary for the growth of familiar plants including light, heat and water.

The activity

You will need: reference material. Provide pictures of kelp (called oarweed in some books), heather and primrose, or specimens if possible. 

Discuss plants' various adaptations to suit their habitat, such as type of root, shape of plant, height, size, shape of leaves etc. 

What might happen if habitats disappear? Children should put the plants in their correct habitats on the worksheet.

For more information, activities and a pack of posters about endangered habitats in the UK, see 'Habitats Action Pack' (in Resources by Mail page).

Answers to the questions on the worksheet

Kelp is found in the sea.
Heather is found on moorland and heathland.
Primroses tend to be hedgerow plants.