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Plant life cycles

Curriculum links 

England and Wales: Green plants as organisms (d) reproduction 

Scotland: The processes of life; dispersal of fruits and seeds by animals (externally/internally), by wind and by self. 

Northern Ireland: Animals and plants. (d) Find out ways in which animal and plant behaviour is influenced by seasonal changes. 

The Activity 

You will need: plant field guides such as Collins guides, Octopus colour guides, Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness handbooks.   

With the help of the books, talk about plant lifecycles, germination, growth, flowering, pollination, fruiting, seeds, seed dispersal by animals, wind, the plant itself.   

Use the worksheet (right) to examine the life cycle of the hawthorn with the children. 

Emphasise the concepts you have discussed - ie germination, pollination, seed dispersal and so on. 

Give the children the choice of bluebell, wild arum, foxglove, wild rose and bramble and ask them to research the lifecycle of their chosen plant and to draw their own life cycle diagram on the back of the worksheet.