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Presenting data in a standard form


This activity requires pupils to understand and use numbers presented in different forms, whole numbers, percentages and standard form. The activity addresses several of the National Curriculum (England and Wales) requirements for: 

Using and applying number and algebra 

  • select and use suitable problem-solving strategies and efficient techniques to solve numerical and algebraic problems
  • break down a complex calculation into simpler steps before attempting to solve it
  • use algebra to formulate and solve a simple problem - identifying the variable, setting up an equation, solving the equation and interpreting the solution in the context of the problem.

Numbers and the number system 

  • use their previous understanding of integers and place value to deal with arbitrarily large positive numbers and round them to a given power of 10.

Teachers in Scotland will find that this activity supports Mathematics Standard Grade, general and credit. 

The information is drawn from RSPB data on the decline of British farmland birds.   


Student Activity Sheet

Age range 

Key Stage 4 

The activity 

From information provided in the Student Activity Sheet, pupils are required to calculate original population and present as standard form.