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Red kites in Rockingham Forest education pack

Red kite in flight, Wales

Image: Chris Gomersall

The 'Red kites in Rockingham Forest' education pack. It covers many areas of Key Stages 2 and 3 of the National Curriculum and is a whole load of fun.

Click on the links to download the fact files and activities. 

Red kite fact file 

Find out what's in this pack, plus facts about red kites and their re-introduction in England.   

Rockingham Forest fact file 

Discover where Rockingham Forest is, what the area used to be used for, the wildlife you can see there and traditional buildings in the East Midlands.   

Birds of prey fact file 

Facts on birds of prey and other woodland birds that you might see in Rockingham Forest. Find out how big they are, what they look like, what they eat, where they nest and how well they're doing.   

Red kite glossary 

All of the big and unusual words used in this pack explained.   

Red kite English and History 

Activity 1 - put the history of the red kite in time order and look at time lines; activity 2 - understand the needs of a red kite; activity 3 - poetry ideas.   

Red kite Maths 

Activity 4 - plot graphs of the number of red kites; activity 5 - compare wingspans.   

Red kite Science 

Activity 6a - find out how red kites are adapted to their environment; activity 6b - analyse and present what red kites eat; activity 7 - food webs.   

Red kite web activity 

Activity 8 - live from June, visit the RSPB webcam showing pictures of the kites nesting. Find out how these pictures get to your classroom, analyse what you see and write a press release.   

Red kite Geography 

Activity 9 - use maps and co-ordinates to see where red kites nest; activity 10 - plot on a map where young red kites have been seen; activity 11 - look at maps to see where red kites roost and how far they fly for food.   

Red kite Dance 

Activity 12 - create a dance that expresses the flight of a red kite.   

Red kite Craft 

Activity 13 - make a flapping red kite; activity 14 - make a finger puppet; activity 15 - make a red kite mobile.   

National Curriculum links 

Get a helping hand with your planning - find out how all this fits in with the National Curriculum.