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Can you tell me when frogs hibernate?

Sent in by Dorothy Brockbank, Morecambe, Lancashire

I am very fond of frogs and, as you state, they are a real friend to gardeners. I do understand though why you don't want them hopping around as they can take you by surprise. 

I have similar feelings about birds flapping close to me, but will relocate distressed spiders without any qualms at all! 

Frogs are probably still safely hibernating at the moment although they do begin to wake during February. It may be too cold for them at the moment but it won't be too long before they rouse. You will probably hear the males croaking to attract a mate, so that will alert you and the young frogs will be on the move during May and June, so these are the times to be particularly careful. 

If you have a grassed area, keep some of this fairly short to make a pathway for you and to remove hiding places for young froglets. It sounds as though they have plenty of alternative damp places amongst the rocks and troughs so won't be deprived of habitat. Take care in these areas though as, I am sure, they will prove popular spots for them.

I do hope that you will be able to enjoy your garden as the frogs certainly will; their favoured habitats are disappearing rapidly so gardens provide a vital refuge.

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