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Will a mirror in my garden confuse birds?

Sent in by Deena Robinson, Lincolnshire

We don't think that this is a good idea at all. The main reason is that birds will see the reflection of your garden and have no way of knowing that a solid surface - the mirror - is present. They will fly straight at it and, at the very least, be stunned but many may die from severe injuries such as broken necks sustained on impact.

We receive many reports of birds that die due to window collisions. These are caused because windows can act like mirrors too, reflecting surrounding shrubbery or sky, and birds fly straight at them.

These accidents can be prevented, to a large extent, by placing stickers on the outside of the glass. Birds can see these so most collisions are avoided. We have raised our concerns with gardening programmes and publications in the past about their suggestions for the use of mirrors in gardens.

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