My first bittern


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My first bittern

  • Don't remember ever seeing a bittern before, heard them, yes, but yesterday at Minsmere saw one land among the reeds while marsh harriers and hobbies were all across the skies, didn't snap that one unfortunately, but turned around to enter the hide and another was just airborne heading towards the sea, got a nice series of shots. Brief blog post about it here with obvious pun.

  • Cracking shot of the Bittern, David. From what other posters say, Minsmere is pretty much Bittern heaven. Only managed to get there once but got some shots of Bittern too - not as good as yours though.

    Well done on posting photo correctly .... I see Alan gave you some advice.

    Incidentally, your link to a blog doesn't work. I'm guessing the pun may have involved something along the lines "once Bittern twice  ...." you know the rest.

  • We do get spoiled rather with Bitterns at Minsmere, there were a number of people I spoke to this weekend who'd seen their first one that day.  Glad you managed to catch this one in flight :-)

  • Fantastic shot of the Bittern in flight David and looks like you had a good days sightings.

  • He did...but it wasn't hard to work out...the advice I took was more about posting in a forum rather than simply building a gallery...although I've done that too ;-)

    Link fixed...different MO for this CMS than most, it tacked on the root server to the front of my URL!

  • Yes, well, I saw two, I'd never seen them before, heard them but not sighted...saw a bearded tit at WWT Welney for the first time not so long ago (cf your avi)

  • Many thanks Hazel...just looking at your two jays sparring photo! Wowwww! Amazing behaviour to capture in a stunning photo

  • I'm also looking at the overall quality of your photos and thinking I need to upgrade from my 6D to a 5D! And...more to the point...think about a faster shutter speed to catch the fast-moving birds better!

  • David Bradley
    thinking I need to upgrade from my 6D to a 5D

    There are rumours that Canon may bring out a 6D Mk2 this summer if you didn't want to splash out on a 5DMk3 or Mk4. No word about a spec though

  • Hah, yes, I'd heard that rumour...held off buying a 6D for ages thinking that was imminent. I'm very happy with it to be honest. I think the difference in quality is more about your skill than the different camera. ;-)

  • Having seen the bitterns at RSPB Minsmere, headed back to the visitor centre, seemed to be some noisy blackcaps around. Stood still for a while until one alighted on a branch just above my head, he posed for a while and fanned his tail in the dappled afternoon sun...what a beauty!

    A brief blackcap blog here.