I tried to visit Brockholes Nature Reserve on the 26/12/15 but the floods from the River Ribble swamped the entrance so I came back the next day. Brockhole's Nature Reserve is located right next to the M6 but you would never think it was once you get into this magical place. On my way down from the car just outside the entrance I saw a Common Buzzard sat on a oak tree trying to get a little bit of rest but unfortunately he was getting into abit of a fight with two Magpie's so he quickly moved on. As I entered the Reserve their is a really nice big pond on the right hand side which has a lot of different Wildlife living on it. The first bird I saw in the pond was a Cormorant flying over head to the next pond to try his look for some dinner. A short while later I was sat in this lovely little hide watching a pair of Tufted Ducks diving to the bottom of the pond looking for their dinner, They did this maybe 30 times in 15 mins and it was lovely to see because this is the first opportunity I have had a good while to watch and appreciation how unique these birds really are and it was really nice to watch. Also on the same pond were Canada Geese doing what they do best "RESTING" Because these birds are truly in my opinion the laziest Geese but always amazing to watch. On the way back to the car I saw a lovely Grey Heron sitting in the reed's ready to call it a night and get his head down so he will be fresh and ready for another day's hunting. Overall it was a really good day at the Reserve and I saw plenty of Wildlife and the weather was kind so in my opinion you cant get much better than that. I would recommend Brockholes Nature Reserve to anybody who is interested in Wildlife because it is truly an amazing place to visit and I will becoming back a good few more times this year. Rating 8/10 Hope you guys enjoy Regards Jack