Bempton Cliffs Gannet


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Bempton Cliffs Gannet

  • 391A2723.jpg
    A few pics of gannets. There were kittiwakes fulmar razorbill oystercatcher no puffins though; a little late in the season but we'll be back. What a great place to visit
  • Hi JF that's a cracking photo.

    Have a read here on how to post the photos and if you have more you can put them here by clicking the new thread button

  • there were supposed be a few pics but I'm having problems uploading any advice would be welcome


  • Read that first link I've given you to alter your settings then you should be able to upload them better.

  • Thank Alan

    I'll give that a whirl in my own luddite way!

  • Once you've altered the settings via the settings link at the top of the page it's fairly straight forward.

  • Thanks again Alan, watch this space

  • You should be able to post them like this...good luck

    just watch the 4MB limit

  • Thanks again.

    I'll keep trying,

    might have to reformat my shots a bit first

  • If you want help just shout.

  • Thanks for the help Alan looks more like it!

  • Well done JF