Injured pigeon


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Injured pigeon

  • I fully understand I may be hitting a brick wall, but I have an unwell pigeon in my back garden. He can't seem to fly and also seems he has oil over his head etc, he won't eat food I have out etc. Is there any wildlife that would help him given again he is a pigeon. I am in the borough of Merton. I'm worried about him. Very thin it seems also.
  • Hi Clare I've asked Paul on this thread for advice he's in Mitcham

  • I've just phoned Paul, he's currently on the bus to work but will respond shortly.    

  • Oh thank you! Just had to chase a fox out the garden as eyeing him up and then one of the squirrels jumped on him! All gone mad haha .... i'll keep an eye he's still about but he's been in the garden for past hour.

  • Hi Clare,   I've spoken with Paul who may be able to help you as he's in the same area as you and he has asked me to pass on his mobile phone number to you so you can contact him directly.   In order to give you his phone number privately, I will "friend" you on the private message system on here .....   so can you accept the invitation and then I can then pass on Paul's phone number to you.    

  • Hi Clare. I've just sent you a message with my mobile number. Can you put the Pidge in a box? I can get someone to collect it if you can phone me with your details. Paul.

  • X-post with Paul !!

  • Hi

    Will message you.


  • Paul

    Sorry, can't seem to see your message anymore. He's still there but I don't have box or anything to contain him. Will try to post a pic.


  • Can you send the pic to my mobile?

  • Thank you to all who helped so promptly today ..... good people. Hope he recovers, fingers crossed.

  • As soon as I hear from Pigeon Recovery I will pass on any news.

  • Thank you :-)

  • Well done Clare, please share news with us all MC!

  • Will do!