Sparrowhawk - Burgess Hill, Mid Sussex


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Sparrowhawk - Burgess Hill, Mid Sussex

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    Hi All,

    Just looked out the kitchen window, and saw this beauty. Looked like he had his eye on something, and quickly flew off.

    Thought I would share the couple of photos I got.

  • 2.JPG

    And second photo.

  • Hi Birdy,  they are a pretty scary sight when you see their large beady eyes !!   well captured on camera and great spotting.

  • Hello & welcome-Birdy.

    Boy,does it look mean.Great spotting.I`ve cycled up Ditchling Beacon more times than enough when I lived down south.It`s a "Where Eagles Dare" climb! lol.

  • Hi Mart and welcome to the forum from me in Berkshire.

    He's a beauty and very fierce looking. I had one just like him sitting on the fence a few months ago.