Birding- Men in tights - A Mel Brooks Film


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Birding- Men in tights - A Mel Brooks Film

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We're men- birding men, we 're men with bins

we don't hang out in museums playing with skins;

we're men,- birding men, we bird with chicks,

we bird around the hotspots looking for ticks;

we all know our Acros- so don't give us grief or else you'll get our Mannfrotos!

We're men-  birding men, we eat out of tins,

If you need new birds then send for the men with bins!

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  • The Phalarope and Dotterel certainly good ticks for anybody. The 11 Cranes make our single Crane yesterday on a local reservoir seem a bit tame.It got us quite happy though as they a a good tick up in the Dales.