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Hi to All,

I dont know if this is the right place to post this but I thought it may be of interest.

If you are a  tomtom satnav owner the above is completly free full of downloads to you satnav and one of them is a full list of RSPB reserves so if you are searching for a reserve the info is in your satnav and ready to take you there. If you are a Garmin or Navman owner simply replace the Tomtom bit for Gamin or Navman.

As I have said it is all completly free and well worth a look .


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  • Some good advice there.

    If you do have a satnav, it might be worth heeding the words of our local police in Northamptonshire and remember to remove it when you leave your car to go into the reserve (particularly if it a quiet one). Its an unfortunate fact that criminals have worked out that a nice portable piece of expensive electronic gadgetry just inside the car window is something definitely worth stealing.

  • Hi Nestbox,

    That's really useful, we also have a downloadable POI file on our website, see for all you sat nav users out there.

    Have fun exploring all our reserves and don't forget to let us know all about it!