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10x32 binoculars

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A friend of ours,a recent convert to birding, is wishing to buy some binoculars and to return my old spare pair.He seems set on some 10x32 binoculars either Praktica or Vortex and as both the manufacturer and the size are ones I am not familiar with I wondered if any forum members had any views on them.As a new father he is on a very limited budget but is detemined to buy some bins of his own rather than continuing to borrow ours,any comments on his choice be welcome as I would hate to see him waste his hard earned brass.

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  • Hi Seaman, I had a pair if praktica 10x32 a few years ago as a spare set, and to be honest they were not that great and were not very robust.  I have just sold a pair of Viking 8x32 which were one of my spare set and they are a great low budget pair of binoculars and ideal for a newbie.

    You can buy them dicect from the RSPB shop on-line, or here is a link to ebay to give you some idea. They were quiet powerfull, nice and bright and a good field of veiw etc.



  • I have some cheap Praktica bins someone bought for me. I can't use them because I see double no matter how I move the settings. I had a look at the reviews and this seemed to be a common problem with them.

  • Hi Seaman,

    As most know bino's can be very different from person to person so the only advice I can give would be try some out if he can before he buys.

    The Bushnall 10 x 42 Natureview have good reviews on the net , roof prisms, they are fog and waterproof and are £124 on warehouse Express website.

    The 8x42 are only £109!

    I know this can be quite difficult as there aren't many retailers that stock binoculars etc.

    If he tries a pair out and is happy with all aspects he could try getting them online at a better price.

    As with most things you get what you pay for, It may be worth hanging on a while to see if the investment into a good set of optic's is better than a cheaper pair that he will want to replace a little leter on. I suppose it really depends on how much birding he is likely to do.

    A good couple of places to start looking are "warehouse express" and "best binoculars reviews" type both into google and they should be listed.

    Hope this is of interest,


  • As I had no experience of either brand I was thinking of suggesting he looked at Hawke Nature Trek which for budget optics seem to get reasonable reviews in the birding press and the 10x32 which is the size he is prefering seem to be within his budget (max £100)

  • I think our friend may be having a rethink and may go for some 10x porro prism bins similar to my spares he is using at the moment.I think that because they are easier,therefore cheaper, to assemble the porro prisms should give better value for someone on a limited budget,this should give him a wider choice

  • I know nothing about Bino's, but when I joined the RSPB,I also have a very limited budget, so we lookd on  Amazon and got a pair of Bino's 20x50  Celestron for £19.99... Not sure if they're the best choice, but i got some excellent views at the RSPB reserves this week.

    Hope that helps..

  • Thanks for that Chris,Amazon could be a good place to look if our friend wishes to buy over the 'net(I prefer not to but it won't be my purchase)there certainly seems to be some well priced gear on there

  • Seaman

    As I had no experience of either brand I was thinking of suggesting he looked at Hawke Nature Trek which for budget optics seem to get reasonable reviews in the birding press and the 10x32 which is the size he is prefering seem to be within his budget (max £100)

    Seaman,  I would look in the 8 x 42 range of  Bushnell, Opticron, Viking, RSPB area,

    Having found them, normally in the low £100 or so, have a look around for the deals.  I recently wanted a second pair of waterproof ones for trips abroad (in particular to save ruining mine) and found some that had been reduced from 200 to about 80.   That  was through Clifton Cameras but I am sure there are other good bino dealers about.

    10 x 32 will give a very narrow field of view and not a lot of light gathering capacity

  • Hi-

    if you check back through GEAR GUIDE you'll find my posts/ guide to binoculars for birding



    - http://www.rspb.org.uk/community/chat/f/2060/p/10788/225095.aspx#225095

  • Seymour,I hope you do not mind but I printed some of your past info off to give to our friend.I am trying to steer him away from the 10x32 idea,a bit too much like pocket bins for serious birding for my liking.I agree with his choice of 10x as he lives on the edge of the moors and the extra magnification might be useful.

  • PROBLEM SOLVED!!We took Jeff to a local small dealer this afternoon with orders from his wife to sort him out.He ended up buying the 10x version of the bins he had borrowed from us.Helios Ultimate Hi Res.,not a big name but at £135 ,a little over his budget but they should last him a while I know my old ones did.So now we have one happy rookie birder on the loose in North Yorkshire.Thanks to all of you who have had an input to this thread,your comments were useful.

  • Hope you went for something other than a 32mm objective lens.  It's really too small for 10x magnification in anything less than bright sunshine.

  • Hi-

    no problem- it's why I post advice here free of charge :)

    My standard advice on bins is that for budget first pair of bins you can't go far wrong with RSPB, Viking, Bushnell,


  • The ones he got were 10x42,missed that off the last post,my 8x42  of the same model lasted for years before I upgraded