Birding- Men in tights - A Mel Brooks Film


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Birding- Men in tights - A Mel Brooks Film

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We're men- birding men, we 're men with bins

we don't hang out in museums playing with skins;

we're men,- birding men, we bird with chicks,

we bird around the hotspots looking for ticks;

we all know our Acros- so don't give us grief or else you'll get our Mannfrotos!

We're men-  birding men, we eat out of tins,

If you need new birds then send for the men with bins!

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  • They came back for a weekend and saw 118 species including 3 spp of wheatear, a Dowitcher, an Ibis, Lapp Bunts, Crane, 2 spp of harrier, Black necked grebe, Waxwing, Long tailed duck, Twite, Peregrine  and Osprey;


  • They look trouble!!

  • lol,  be afraid, be very afraid   !!  Great "rogues gallery" photo and thanks for the warning about them being armed and possibly dangerous wielding Manfrotto's  lol     For interest, what is the average tick list for a year and is it UK birds only as I'm not sure with such tightened security these days that they'd let you all on a plane   !!    

  • Mmmm well that looks quite a quartet there!! Men in bins, I do hope they are spotting the correct things!!

  • Thats proper scary Seymour. Which one is you?

  • You can all wear whatever you like if you tell where did you see Waxwings??!

  • Hi-

    no idea what the average tick list is per year in GB- I see about 200 but only watch 3 counties really and am normally out of the country in spring and autumn;

    Someone travelling a reasonable amount in Britain should probably get about 250;

    A Big Year contestant should get about 340.


  • I'm the Good Egg!

  • See below;

  • Waxwings were at Branodunum near Titchwell

  • seymouraves
    I'm the Good Egg!

    But of course! It's so obvious how could I miss you? lol

  • Thanks for the info,  I envy you and other experts who can hear a sound/call, observe the flight pattern of a bird overhead or the silhouette shape and know what species it is !   I have no chance of Id-ing and counting any birds that fly overhead unless they are a Common Buzzard  lol   I always hope there is a Marianne, Roy or a Dave with me   ;)   !

  • Seymouraves, What is the Big Year record for Britain and/or for the UK?

  • I think its 386


  • seymouraves

    Waxwings were at Branodunum near Titchwell

    Thanks Good Egg, getting closer to mine!