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Bird Identification

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Hi Everyone,

   I,ve not been on the forum for a while but just wondered if anyone can identify what type of bird this is in the photo?  The poor thing died in my arms earlier after flying into a window and breaking it,s neck :(  i was really upset as tried to help it but there was nothing i could do for it and it died very quickly.You can,t see it,s eye clour as they are closed but it had yellow eyes? It had caught one of the young Starlings i feed daily in my gardens and was flying away with it when it flew straight into the gazebo window :( it still had the Starling in it,s grip but i managed to release the Starling from it,s grip just as it died in my arms. The Starling was very distressed and breathing rapidly but i gently put it under a bush in my garden and watched over it and eventually it managed to fly away and did not appear to have any injuries. I only wish i could have saved both birds :(  and am concerned that the poor bird which died may have young somewhere which now have no parent to feed them :( .I am going to bury it in my garden later. 

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  • Very sad occurrence for you TT, looks like Sparrowhawk to me, probably female, but an expert will confirm!

  • It's a juvenile sparrowhawk. They often collide with windows I'm afraid.

  • Hi TT, what a sad thing to happen to you. I think it is a female Sparrowhawk. It is always sad when these things happen and nothing you can do, the starling had a lucky escape, well done on being able to help it.

  • Hi Wendy, thank you for your help identifying the poor bird,Sparrowhawk :( it was very harrowing for me and i,m still quite distraught about it all. A few neighbours came out to see the "drama", just stood and watched it happen and did nothing at all to help either the Sparrowhawk or the Starling :( .When i brought it into the house my 2 cats were frightened by it and ran away into "their" bedroom ;that is, the bedroom they allow me to share with them).

  • Thanks for confirming Robbo : it,s really sad that they often fly into windows and i only wish i could have done something to prevent it from doing so :(

  • Thank you Catlady, i,m still quite upset and shaken by it all and my 2 cats even got a bit of a fright when i brought it into the house as they,ve never seen such a big, beautiful bird before. They ran into the/"their" bedroom and hid under the bed for a while but are okay now. Do you think, as she was a female,that she might have young in a nest somewhere who are without their mum now ? :( I just wish there was something i could have done to save her. The young Starling is indeed a very lucky bird

  • tailtidy

    Do you think, as she was a female,that she might have young in a nest somewhere who are without their mum now ?

    No. It's a juvenile.