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Am looking for a pair of binos which i can study flowers, butterflies, hove flies, insects etc up close. I am unable to bend down or kneel for more than a few seconds. Obviuosly i am not looking for x10 or x8 but will need a wide an objective lens as possible for low light work. Can any body please suggest something
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  • Hi

    look up Pentax papilio binoculars


  • I agree with Seymouraves - it's the Pentax Papilios you need.  Not overly expensive (compared to some), they focus down to 18" and are amazing for bugs & beasties.  I bought Mrs WJ a pair a couple of years ago as we spend so much time in the summer watching the Beewolves & other digger wasps.  We have the 8.5 x 21, but you can also get 6.5 x 21 if you prefer (make sure to get the Mk2 versions)

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