'Not In Front Of The Children!' - More From The Egyptian Geese


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'Not In Front Of The Children!' - More From The Egyptian Geese

  • After I had taken the photos of the young EG's as they basked in the sun, I walked a few yards towards the Great Crested Grebes and started taking photos. All of a sudden there was an almighty ruckus back where the EG's were. Two adult Egyptian Geese were really going at each other in the water. The other adult and the youngsters were all in the water and were honking/squeaking loudly as the fight started getting nasty. Eventually the interloper backed down and swam off, leaving the family unit to re-unite on the bank and continue their preening and sunning.

    The vanquished...

    and the victor...

    Junior checks to see that all is well

    Glad that's over!

    All present and correct

    Time to sort out those ruffled feathers

    Normal service has been resumed...

  • phew, happy ending

  • Lol,  seems all the birds are getting frisky now the sunshine is appearing so nesting season well underway and can't wait to see the offspring.

  • There was no friskiness this time. This was a rather nasty fight but the young geese stayed to offer vocal support!

  • Handbags at dawn eh ?   they are feisty creatures at times, glad all survived the ordeal !