Bad pics of fab wildlife - part 2!


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The Tea Rooms

Bad pics of fab wildlife - part 2!

  • Aww, someone's gone camera shy....    ;)

  • I got all the Goldcrest views, including Bottoms Up and Blurry Action

  • Me too Nige.

  • that's not a bad shot Jim !    especially as its the fidgety goldcrest.

  • The immature glaucous gull at Minsmere yesterday would absolutely not flaunt its pale beauty:

  • Inevitably the red-head smew scarpered the minute I realised what I was looking at:

  • A rather vocal herring gull at Felixstowe Ferry today:

  • I'd be  more than happy about this Dunnock capture, Alan. In my patch, I just can't find any. It's driving me slowly crazy  ...


  • I'm quite shocked to hear Hering Gull  is found on the Red List already!  Not good at all. Real sad indeed.

  • Fantastic Jim!  Definitely wrong thread!

  • Thank you Martin.

  • Carrion Crow

  •   The colder - the  Kingfisher : often see my rare neighbour on frosty days - strange. Wasn't happy with my results of Wren and Kingfisher - don't see them so often , and then my shots only serve for this thread