Bad pics of fab wildlife - part 2!


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The Tea Rooms

Bad pics of fab wildlife - part 2!

  • wow, great capture Alan that Weasel looks so athletic !!  

    All I have to add is a woodpigeon that can't see where its flying lol


  • Wood pigeons NEVER look where they are going.

  • Alan

    That's actually a good action shot, one you'd never get if you tried...

  • Juvenile and adult Jays

  • Love the Jedward 'haircut' Hazel :)

  • Can those wings move a little slower next time please?

    Can you swifts slow down a little while chasing those insects?

    And if they weren't bad enough, this dunnock, with probably some nesting material, decided to move out of view just as I pressed the shutter button

    Well, they're my stories, and I'm sticking to them, even if I do need to be a little quicker with the camera   :-D

  • could have been a good one  lol     

  • Guillenot.!!

  • There's no controlling these robins in the garden,   they're all over the place  ! 

    missed focus again ! 

    corvid scrap and two missing heads   lol 

  • Even the Jays won't keep still   lol   talking of which they have just arrived so I'll feed them first before adding these pics    !!!

    It's no wonder I can't get pics when they arrive en-masse  and it's a battle for the pastry  -  one greedy guts and one headless wonder  lol

    then they see the spa and can't wait to dive in     lol

    hopefully better pics to come on the other thread at some stage     ha ha ! 

    ps.  forgive any errors on postings at the moment, Mike killed my mouse yesterday by dropping it on the floor and I have to pic up a new one from Argos this morning  ;)

  • Shame about the mouse Hazel, I know a good taxidermist if you want it stuffed :)

  • James

    Shame about the mouse Hazel, I know a good taxidermist if you want it stuffed :)

      lol Jim,   there wasn't a squeak out of it after Mike dropped in on the floor   lol     I now have two new mice (one for Mike !) and they are working beautifully :)    

  • The all singing/dancing juvie Blackbird who is centre stage in the garden at the moment

  • Ha, ha--now you are getting bored, Hazel--lol!  About time you scarpered back to the joys of LM!