Bad pics of fab wildlife - part 2!


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Bad pics of fab wildlife - part 2!

  • Bad pics mainly because it was way out of range for the 300 + 2 x  (just a speck in the distance)    but thought you may like to have a guess at this bird - if it is at all possible with these terrible pics   lol

    The only main sighting all day except for the Marsh Harriers .  so, name this bird  !

  • First guess, Hobby.

  • TeeJay

    First guess, Hobby.

       The boy done good lol      yes, a hobby !    Was so pretty quiet in general around the reserve so didn't take any bird photos except these very distant record shots.       Day 2 starts shortly so fingers crossed I can get record shots of one of the juvie Marsh Harriers;   it has quite dark plumage so easier to spot.  

  • Sorry to hear it has been quiet, but you were very lucky to see the Hobby.  It is those rusty trousers that give it away.

  • I didn't know Southern Hawkers hovered. Even so I failed. In my defence it was in a rather gloomy location and I couldn't get the shutter speed high enough.

  • It has been very quite over the last two days I have been here at LM, I thinks its because of the heat and the water loss in the pools but you have to do the best you can I have some pictures but getting the time to process them after a long day then getting something to eat and drink like a stiff Whiskey or two makes up for it :) but I am working on them.

  • As Jim says, very quiet at LM and this morning the light was almost too bright to focus through the hazy conditions, great pity really as the M.Harriers, although distant, were putting on some good shows. ....    the clarity was hopeless but it gives you an idea of the views we got of the male and female soaring together

    all pics were binned     :( 

  • How on earth did that bird get up there … especially as it doesn't have any wings

  • lol

  •  Perhaps we ought to have a tripod thread :)

  • Lol Bob,  when you've gotta go,  you've gotta go  !    The Kestrel couldn't wait either   lol

    and young Spot-fly

    and Dipper doing what it does best  ...

  • A perfectly decent bad pic…….totally ruined by an in focus bird.!!

    Please accept my apologies, I really must try to concentrate less.!! :-)

  • Some brilliant captures folks.

    I'm still sorting photos (almost 800 taken, currently whittled down to just under 400) from my recent N Wales holiday, so will undoubtedly find a couple of suitable pics to add to the thread...

  • I'm sure that was in the centre when I pressed the shutter … and then to miss just the head … duh!!!

  • When you've gotta go...... you've gotta go    !     

    and a Snipe who appears to have managed to discard both its wings    lol