Bottoms Up - part 2 !


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The Tea Rooms

Bottoms Up - part 2 !

  • A bird I came across yesterday decided to show its fluffy parts too :)

  • Let's have one of EJ at Loch Garten for posterior-ty:

  • Willow Warbler in Regent's Park this morning

  • ...and a Male Wigeon

  • monkeycheese

    HTR flashing his fluffy parts

    Not to be outdone by her mate, here's Mrs HTR doing likewise

  • I normally struggle to get a decent shot of a Buzzard so I’m really chuffed with this.!! :-)

    Whaddya mean where about?

    It’s in the tree eating something.........a Frog by the looks of it.!!

  • Gutted.

  • OOPS wrong thread lol

  • Jackdaw's bottom as it rummaged in a leftover kids meal box !    Looks like it even has some strawberry jelly for afters - and a coffee to wash it all down  lol 

  • Baboons got nothing on me!

  • At Fowlmere last weekend when a strange bright globe shone in the sky!

  • Here's one to guess at.

  • My first Spadger fledglings of the year arrived yesterday. This one was keen to be the first on this thread!

  • Four fluffy bottoms

  • One from yesterday.