'New' Guildhall Robin


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'New' Guildhall Robin

  • I encountered this Robin near the Guildhall in Kingston. It was in a different territory to the original GHR. I stopped to film it on my phone and the Robin also came down to the bench for mealies. A new friend.

  • Beautiful new friend MC, hope for more updates!

  • Good to see a new robin friend back at Guildhall area and a male by the sounds of that singing !   maybe he ousted GHR.

  • Our Robins are back too & singing, isn't life wonderful! Great to see your new one MC.

  • Smart looking robin MC, a new one for the mealies then.  

  • There's another new Robin in GHR's old territory. It was twarbling in the bushes today and flew across to my hand for mealies. It hovered briefly before returning to its perch. Not bad for a first encounter!

  • Hope there is enough territory to share at Guildhall to keep both robins happy and coming for their mealies :)

  • When I used to feed GHR, there were at least six territories. These two are not adjacent.

    Update from today: the second of the new Robins came to my hand twice today. This one has acquired GHR's old territory.

  • Great news MC!

  • New GHR came across again today and took two lots of mealies from my hand. Confidence is building.

  • Your journeys to & from work getting more enjoyable MC ... and protracted?

  • I have four Robins to feed on my way to work, so the mealie tub is getting bigger!

  • monkeycheese

    I have four Robins to feed on my way to work, so the mealie tub is getting bigger!

    wait till after next April onwards, you may have to order a kilo per week   lol