Percy The (Perching) Pidge Updated October 2nd


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Percy The (Perching) Pidge Updated October 2nd

  • I found Percy yesterday morning. He was tangled up in some pigeon netting. He was hanging upside down with his wings and head caught up in the netting. I managed to remove him from this predicament. His right wing had some superficial damage and was bleeding slightly. He was unable to use his legs and fell over when I tried to help him to stand. I had to lay him down in the box and made a window in the side for him to look out of. After looking after him throughout the day and feeding him soft peas, I took him to Sarah at Starlight Trust once I had finished work. It appears that he has broken his tail. His legs are ok and seem quite strong, but he cannot use them for now. To avoid him having to lie in his own filth, Sarah has set up a sling for him. It is slightly undignified but better than the alternative! I will post updates as I get them.

    'Necessity is the mother of invention' as they say...

  • Another good rescue, MC. Certainly an ingenious sling or hammock he's got there!

  • How clever MC, hope he goes on OK!

  • Poor Percy, don't think he liked that box much, but I love his little sling, with his easy to reach food and water, hope he gets well soon. On having another look at him in his sling he looks like a huge bumble bee, the rings and straps being part of the bee, weel my interpretation anyway!

  • Here's the latest update from Sarah on the Starlight Trust Facebook page:

    Percy, who had the broken tail and is in a sling while he heals, has been having regular physio to make sure his legs stay strong. He’s making really good progress and can now stand with minimal support. He’s also eating well and gaining weight

  • Great news, hope he mends enough to live with you MC if it turns out he might not be able to fly, know you will look after him well!

  • Well done Percy, get well so you can get back to MC's house and live the life of Riley!

  • Missed this one with Percy and his broken tail.   Brilliant idea with the sling, he looked quite happy with that idea.   Glad to learn he is eating and now standing with a little support.  Will the tail knit back together I wonder?  

  • gaynorsl

    Will the tail knit back together I wonder?  

    With luck and lots of physio, he might be able to walk again. We can but hope. He's very young and strong and most of all he's in the best place, with Sarah at Starlight Trust

  • I missed this too first time around, well done on another rescue & fingers crossed he'll make a full recovery with the good care of Sarah at the Starlight Trust.

    We made the mistake of covering a strawberry patch with netting to keep the birds off (many years ago)& found a Blackbird caught in it. I was distraught & managed to cut it out & luckily it flew off undamaged. I chucked it all in the bin & never used it since!

  • Here's the latest update on little Percy. He's doing so well.

    Percy (who has a broken tail) is such a little super star! He gets really excited about coming out for his physio, paddling his little legs in his sling in anticipation. Once out, he totally understands what's going on and willingly uses my hand for support as he trots about. Today, as you can see, he was able to stand all by himself just for a short time. We are delighted with his progress and totally smitten with his positive little personality

  • Great news update about this little Trooper, thanks MC & Sarah!

  • That is lovely to see and hear MC, well done all involved, Percy sounds a right little character.

  • Clever Percy, you can do it, he is looking good.

  • Oh my!