A Polite Request On Behalf Of Sarah at Starlight Trust Updated 17th October


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A Polite Request On Behalf Of Sarah at Starlight Trust Updated 17th October

  • WendyBartter

    There's more than one type MC, will you ask whether tabs or dissolvable or liquid Sarah would prefer?

    I've just sent her a text...

  • She's given the last of her Tropican to me for my Pidge First Aid kit, so that's also high on the wish list now.

  • It would seem that 'Basil' is actually a young lady. In the interests of maintaining the theme, I have renamed her 'Sybil'. She is now with me for a few days before I release her. Sarah has given me some Pidge eye drops which I have to apply twice daily. Apparently a damp tea bag is good for the eyes too, so I'll be giving her some English Breakfast tea at some point! Sybil has returned to me because I took another rescued Pidge to Sarah earlier this evening. That Pidge is on another thread. It's all go at the moment and Sarah still has a bandage and support on her left wrist.

  • monkeycheese

    She's given the last of her Tropican to me for my Pidge First Aid kit, so that's also high on the wish list now.

    How well I remember using that drippy stuff to hand rear Squawk, the rescued baby RNP ... you should see him now!  Tropican & 3-in-1 tabs on their way!

  • Thank you so much ☺

  • We're almost up to 100 'likes', so if anyone with a Facebook account has yet to vote, please vote for Starlight Trust. Thank you!

  • 115 now :)


  • Blimey, she has 119 Likes now!  There's a big gap between her and the others.

  • Just bumping this up in case anyone missed it last week. As if she didn't have enough on her plate with her damaged wrist, Sarah had another setback yesterday as one of her dogs suffered a stroke.

    The link below takes you to the NERS (North of England Rat Society) FB page, who are organising the competition.


    Look at the top posting, go to the comments and then 'view all six comments'. There is a list of half a dozen or so organisations. Just 'like' The Starlight Trust and that's all you have to do. Of course you need to have a Facebook account first. If you don't have one, maybe someone you know will 'like' it on your behalf?

    Thank you to everyone who has either clicked on the like link, donated money or selected something from the Amazon wishlist on the Starlight Trust Website


    There is a mydonate link here:


    Thank you everyone for your continued support.

    Apollo and Artemis say "thank you"

  • Hi Paul, I am not on Facebook to vote for the SLT, hope they come out tops. I have just donated via the my donate link and gave you a little mention about promoting SLT and asking us to vote or donate in any way that we can.

  • Thank you so much. Every little helps.

  • Thank you to everyone who 'liked' Starlight Trust. Sarah won by 53 votes (138 to 85 in second place) and was overwhelmed by the Amazon wish list items that arrived and the my donate contributions that were made. A wonderful response from everyone. Thank you once again!

  • That is really good news MC & going to help Sarah greatly in enabling her to purchase more of the essential supplies which are not cheap, as we have come to discover!!

  • Great news Paul, so pleased Starlight won the £200 and that Sarah received a nice boost to funds with everyone's help so she can continue her good work.  After all, the easiest task is giving, it is much harder to rescue and care for the birds and wildlife so our thanks to her once again and we wish her continued good luck for the future work.

  • Fantastic!  Sarah has really, really earned that.