Reflections - your photos wanted !


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Reflections - your photos wanted !

  • Thought I'd start a thread for photos which show some sort of reflection;  can be anything associated with nature 

    I'll kick it off with a three black-headed gull pics from yesterday's visit to the Dee Estuary 

  • Good idea for a thread. You always come up with some innovative ideas.

    I'll have a look to see what I've got although they probably won't be recent ones as I've not taken many photos lately.

  • Thanks Tony,  reflections add a different dimension to photos and doesn't matter if you have pics from years ago or recent, all are welcome and I look forward to seeing them.  

  • Great idea for a thread Hazy & some brilliant photos to start us off. here are couple of old one's

    Both Little Egrets, they are very obliging usually.

  • oooh,  very nice photos Hazel, two egrets in each photo for the price of one !

  • These are only a few days old but I'm sure I most have more :)


  • This is brilliant, thanks Jim and to all for joining in;  I love these reflections !

  • I'll add this one seeing Hazel has cornered  the market on Egret reflections lol

  • oooh, nice one Alan, this just gets better and better ..........  keep 'em coming :)

  • Very nice Hazel in the Gironde estuary, and that's a nice capture too Alan.


  • Nothing recent I'm afraid but here are one or two favourites of mine

    Curlew Sandpiper synchronised pair

    Juvvie Avocet

    Heron in flight

    Little Egret

    Mute Swan cygnet

    And finally, taking the word 'reflection' in a wider context I just love the expression on this Whooper's face

  • Lots of nice shots here. A juvenile Shoveler from me.

  • All those birds - can a Cyril join in?

  • Ooh a Cyril, brilliant!

  • Wonderful additions

    Whistling Joe

    All those birds - can a Cyril join in?

      absolutely,  all part of wildlife however pesky  they are  lol