A Little Christmas Miracle Updated February 18th


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The Tea Rooms

A Little Christmas Miracle Updated February 18th

  • Here's Angel on her DIY perch

    As you can see from the mess, she's putting it to good use.

  • My last two pics of Angel before Sarah collected her. At her final weigh in Angel was 377g.

    The house seems empty without her (and Heljan and Parker too). I suppose I won't have to tiptoe around the house in the evening any more.

  • That's lovely that she is using the perch, hope all goes well.

  • MC, you can be very proud of all your hard work, and I'm sure tears at times, have been well rewarded, when you look at the early pics and how she is on the handover, extremely well done.

  • First pic of Angel in her new accommodation. I bet she's much happier now she has room to spread her wings. She's just started her moult into adult feathers too.

    Heljan is eating but Sarah has put her on meds to cover the obvious ailments.

    I'll update Parker's progress as and when I get it. He wasn't injured or unwell, just abandoned, so his health isn't a concern.

    EDIT: Parker has been eating seed 'Just like a big boy'

  • Thanks for the update Paul and Angel looks good so well done to all concerned.   Hope the meds assist Heljan in her recovery and nice to hear Parker is a typical hungry boy  lol    

  • Very good to see Angel in her new big cage, I'm sure she will adapt and fit in well.  You did a fantastic job getting her to this stage so fingers crossed that she will indeed learn to fly and be able to be released.

  • Great pics, the best news, hope Angel does well!

  • Hopefully I will have updates later today.

  • I collected another post PMV Pidge from Sarah this morning. The video of that release has just been posted. While I was there, I asked about Angel. It seems she is not exactly living up to her name. She has already 'duffed up' three Racing Pigeons and has also taken on the matriarch of the aviary, Bea, who has a weight advantage of about 80g over Angel. Apparently Angel had a beakful of Bea's feathers and turfed her off the shelf. New arrivals in the aviary normally take two or three days to settle in. I don't think she's going to have any trouble when she's released. Hopefully that will be within the next month.

  • You were right when you said she was a right Madam! She is going to do fine going forward me thinks!

  • Good to hear that Angel is not feeling homesick MC!!!  Has she been put on the naughty chair I wonder.

  • She's probably trashed the naughty chair! I'm hoping Sarah will mange to get some footage of Angel while she's in the aviary. It all sounds rather entertaining!

  • So pleased to hear that Angel is no pushover MC ... some vid of her would be great!

  • Look forward to that MC!!!.